Droid Life

Droid Life needed a new logo and website to reflect their honest enthusiasm, modern aesthetic, and deep knowledge of all things tech.

Zipporah Vannata

Senior Designer

The new logo relies less on the Android brand for visual direction than its predecessor and accentuates the social aspect of Droid Life's online presence.

Droid Life is a treasury of phone reviews and industry commentary that consistently publishes cutting edge content.

Droid Life hoped to hold onto their signature pink. This color differentiated them from similar sites and brought out the sense of humor and enthusiasm inherent to their brand. Inspired by this color scheme and Droid Life’s community space, we created a logo that turned the D and L in Droid Life’s name into a speech bubble. Murmur also created a responsive site that showcases content. 

Droid Life serves a large audience, so we knew improved web performance had to be a priority. Their previous site was using a significant number of WordPress plugins, which can often lead to poor site performance. So we audited each one, incorporating plugin functionality directly into the theme when possible to reduce overhead. 

Our efforts paid off. Within hours of launch, hundreds of users commented on the immediate improvement in site speed and usability. Users also loved the way the new design referenced the old site in a fresh new way.

Tijani Stewart

Senior Designer

This site is huge! But you wouldn't know that from the previous version. We focused on exposing all the great content through improved navigation, refined categories and tags, as well as related article features.


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