Better Living Room

Better Living Room is a gathering place with a fun vintage aesthetic and quality comfort food and beer. It makes you feel right at home.

Ninkasi-Better Living Room Beer Table

Ninkasi's Better Living Room is more than a bar or a restaurant.

It’s a Eugene community hub representing the heart and spirit of Oregon’s pioneering craft beer scene. The mission of the space is captured in the name: a place as familiar and inviting as your living room, designed to spark nostalgia at every turn.

Two pints of beer with Better Living Room Logo


BLR wanted branding that represented a vintage living room aesthetic but also incorporated the industrial nature of the brewery and the metal-work that would be a key element in the interior design. Harnessing lightning and blackletter typography and a cozy lamp as quintessential living room imagery, Better Living Room came together with a vintage-inspired color palette. We had so much fun with the conceptualization of this project and love how the branding and architecture design came together to speak a common language.

Tory Cunningham


Ninkasi came to us to brand a new venture at their Eugene, Oregon brewery so we HOPped right on it! Influenced by a combination of vintage decor and metal music, Better Living Room came to life as a big, bright, and bold brand.


Utilizing crowlers (32 oz cans that breweries use for takeaway beer), we designed a fun, living room-inspired can for patrons to take their new favorite beers straight from the tap to their homes. Many of the furniture pieces on the can are inspired by pieces within the Better Living Room space itself.

Dana Leung Photo

Dana Leung


The Better Living Room space is filled with retro furniture and quirky prints. We brought that onto their products and packaging by incorporating illustrations of the actual furniture in their space onto their crowler and mugs.

Better Living Room Beer Can
Ninkasi Better Living Room wallpaper

Patterns and Wallpaper

We were able to apply the brand across a variety of medium, including wallpaper, a vestibule enhancement, kids wall, and collateral for both internal and external company use.

Marc Girouard


Better Living Room is rooted in music and community, so we wanted to bring that same vibrant energy to their custom wallpaper. Abstracted beer cans, Victorian patterns, and retro living room accents all served as inspiration to give an eclectic, yet unified, feel to each of their interior spaces.

Ninkasi Better Living Room Swag

Menu Design and Additional Collateral

Menus needed to be loud and eclectic. With images like cuckoo clocks, vintage furniture, and lava lamps, they really jumped off the table! The flexible interior allows BLR could to easily update their ever-changing items and keep their revolving tap up-to-date.

We extended the vintage thrift vibe from the menus to additional branded items. The combination of the electric brand colors and illustrations of classic living room items create a cozy state of mind – where craft quality beer is served.



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Ninkasi Better Living Room triceratops sculpture entrance