We are Murmur

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”


At Murmur we elevate and empower brands that share our passion for equity, equality, and sustainability. We aim to make a difference and hold ourselves and others to a higher standard. We believe that forging strong working relationships with both clients and employees is essential to make the greatest impact.

I now measure other companies against my experience with Murmur. Murmur's intimate, collaborative approach ensured a quality end result. Their attention to detail has made them a gold standard against their competitors.

Donovan Pacholl, Owner of Embark Exploration Co.

Our Values


Brand is the art of distinguishing, defining, and creating what is unique and valuable. It is the foundation of all the work we do.


Empathy is understanding deeply and compassionately. It is a practice that helps us make strategic and ethical decisions.


Trust is the groundwork needed to collaborate, take risks, and succeed. It is a requirement for success at Murmur.


Impact is making a lasting impression. It is how we connect, inspire, and create positive change.


Ecology is the study of systems. It allows us to nurture healthy systems, fix broken ones, and build sustainability into everything we do.

Why Murmur?

Comprehensive Brand Services
We are equal parts branding, packaging, and web. We are experts in all three. Synergy and unique insights are produced through strategy and collaboration.

Ethical Approach
We believe in ethical business practices and working with companies that give back. We believe in transparency and honesty in our policies and practices.

Strategy Focused
We are problem solvers. We look at not just how to meet your objectives, but to understand the issues and complications that lead you to seek support in the first place. With this view, we can often offer solutions that have a larger impact and solve more issues that you may have otherwise identified.



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