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Car Decals & Car Stickers

StickerYou has everything you need to make and order custom stickers for your car. Our custom car decals and stickers are weather-resistant, and available in high quality white and clear vinyl.
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Car Decals and Car Stickers
Cars, trucks, motorcycles, and RV’s are not only great ways to get you from point A to B, but they’re also a great vehicle for additional personal expression and custom flair. StickerYou makes it easy to create custom car stickers and decals for any occasion to ensure that any message you want others to see will stick! Customized stickers for cars aren’t just a cool way to deck out your ride, but can also be an effective tool for advertising and growing your business clientele. Whether you’re making custom car decals and stickers to show off your top honors student, political affiliation, or championship sports team, all of StickerYou’s customized car stickers are weather resistant and will stay vibrant in any environment you’re driving through. Make the most of traffic jams and road trips with a variety of custom car decals and stickers from StickerYou!

Bumper Stickers
Bumper stickers are a time tested approach for letting passersby see any message you want to stick on the go. At StickerYou, we believe customization is key, so we’ve made it easy for you to create custom bumper stickers in any size or shape for any vehicle you need to embellish. Choose from your own image or slogan, or use StickerYou’s inventory of custom bumper stickers for auto influence. Bumper stickers you can customize are an easy way to advertise for products or business’, but they also make a fun addition at tailgating parties or impressive swag at car shows. Completely turn out your ride with any kind of custom bumper sticker you can imagine.

Car Decals
Looking for a way to utilize your vehicle’s windows and mirrors to their utmost potential? Look no further than with StickerYou’s customizable clear car stickers. Our car decals are printed with a clear backing, and your image or font can be printed on the front or back of the adhesive, which will let you apply them to the outside or inside of your windows. Our clear adhesive ensures they’ll never leave residue on your windows or mirrors so you never have to worry about reapplying them to your next vehicle upgrade. Try making custom car decals for your next summer festival or road trip today!

Political Bumper Stickers
Many years ago, we didn’t even have custom stickers, let alone political ones, to put on our car’s bumpers. However, in today’s active political climate, letting others know where you stand can be important, influential, and fun with StickerYou and our custom political bumper stickers. A great way to influence others and highlight your political affinity is through customizing political bumper stickers. With StickerYou’s online sticker editor, you can create stickers for specific politicians, political parties, countries, or even bills you want passed to show your support for. Any political message you want to make for the greater good will stick with jurisdiction with StickerYou's car stickers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need car decals and car stickers?
A: Custom car decals and custom car stickers are a great way to customize your car to brand your business or express yourself. Create your own custom decals for cars using your company logo, favorite quotes, images and more! There’s no limit in size, shape, colors, and quantity, which means the messaging possibilities of car stickers and car decals are endless! Whether you choose to advertise your company with logo stickers or promotions, or want to represent your favorite cause, teams or brands, make your own car decals and car stickers to make what matters to you stick! When it comes to branding, it’s important to take every opportunity possible - and now you can by making your own custom car decal or custom car sticker! Being on the road or even stuck in traffic doesn’t have to feel unproductive anymore when you can spread awareness about your brand or message with car decal stickers and personalized car decals! Other than being a great way to advertise your company or personal expression, you can also have a lot of fun with custom vehicle decals and car stickers by creating custom bumper stickers, custom political bumper stickers, and so much more. Make custom car stickers and custom vinyl decals for cars, trucks, and even motorcycles!

Q: Where can my custom car decals and custom car stickers be applied?
A: You can apply your custom car decals and custom car stickers anywhere on your car including windows, doors, bumpers, and even windshield! Since our custom car decals are clear, you can choose to print your logo or design on either the front or back of the adhesive, and stick it on the inside or outside of your car.

Q: How do you apply car decals and car stickers?
A: To apply your custom car decals and custom car stickers: start by cleaning the surface of your car with water, dry the surface completely, peel off your car decal or car sticker, place it where you want on your car, and carefully apply pressure from the middle outwards to the sides while smoothing out the edges.

Q: How do you remove car decals and car stickers?
A: Our custom car decals and custom car stickers are easily removable by simply peeling them off. You can expect a mess-free experience as decal stickers and stickers for cars are removable without residue, so you don’t have to worry about them damaging your car.

Q: Can my car decal have white ink?
A: Yes it can! When you upload your artwork to the editor, you have the option to select either “print areas with white ink”, “make my white ink clear”, or “my artwork has no white ink”. You will get a preview of how your sticker will look when you check each option. Need help? Contact [email protected] and a sales representative will get back to you. 

Q: Can you re-use custom car decals and custom car stickers?
A: Our car decals and car stickers are meant for a one-time application and cannot be re-used or re-applied once they are fully applied onto your car. For best results, when applying your car decals and car stickers, make sure to carefully apply and smooth them out. Custom car decals and custom car stickers are crease and bubble-free for easy application, so during the process of applying, if you haven’t completely stuck them on, you can still remove and reposition them.

Q: What material are custom car decals and custom car stickers made out of?
A: Custom car decals are printed on durable clear vinyl, while custom car stickers are printed on durable white vinyl. They’re both removable without residue, waterproof, and weather-resistant so you can be sure that your custom car decal or custom car sticker will last long and stick strong.

Q: Do you offer front adhesive Car Decals, so I can stick it on the inside of the window, facing out?
A: We do! Using the Clear Decal option, once you have your artwork uploaded to our Editor, you can select Adhesive on Front. Need help? Contact [email protected] and a representative will help you with your order.

Q: What type of finishes are available for car decals and car stickers?
A: Custom car decals are available in semi-glossy vinyl, while custom car stickers are available in glossy or matte vinyl. Whether you choose glossy or matte, these custom stickers for cars will look great on your ride.

Q: What color are custom car decals and custom car stickers?
A: Custom car decals are printed on clear vinyl, so you can show off your logo or design without a visible white or colored border. Custom car stickers are printed on white vinyl. The background and border color can be changed to any color using our Sticker Maker’s eyedropper tool if you don’t want white. This lets you choose any color to match your brand or car color! Our custom car decals and custom car stickers are printed in CMYK process printing, so there are no limits to how many colors are in your custom design.

Q: Are car decals and car stickers permanent?
A: Our custom car decals and custom car stickers are not permanent, and can be easily removed by peeling them off your surface. Your car decals will last you 2 years or more, and car stickers will last you 5 years or more in most applications, as they’re both made out of durable vinyl. So keep calm and drive on (in style)!

Q: What’s the difference between car decals and car stickers?
A: The major difference between car decals and car stickers is that car decals are made out of clear removable vinyl, while car stickers are made out of white removable vinyl. Car decals are available in a semi glossy finish, while car stickers are available in either glossy or matte finishes. Another major difference is that our car decals can be applied to the outside or inside of your car windows. This is because they are printed on clear vinyl, so you can decide if you want your image or design to be applied on the inside or outside of your window. Because car decals last 2 years or more, and car stickers last 5 years or more in most applications, another consideration when deciding between the two is longevity. Overall, we recommend you use our custom car decals for your car windows and our custom car stickers for everywhere else including your car’s body, doors, and bumper.

Q: Are car decals weather resistant? 
A: They are! They will last through the elements in all kinds of weather from summer to winter!

Q: I want to make a specific size bumper sticker at 5.75”x2.25”, can this be done?
A: Yes it can! In our editor, you can make your stickers down to the 0.1” you’re looking for. Having trouble? Contact [email protected] and a member of our team will look into it with you.

Q: I’m worried car decals will damage my vehicle. Is this going to be an issue if I want to remove it?
A: As long as your decal is applied correctly and you don’t select permanent vinyl for it, you will be able to remove it easily when you’re ready. It won’t leave any messy residue behind to damage your car.

Q: What format can I upload my artwork in?
A: With our editor, you can upload your artwork as Jpegs, PNGs, Gifs, and PDF. With the PDF format, you can include a die-cut line as well if you have a specific cut line you’re looking to for your stickers.

Q: Can I order magnets for my car instead of decals?
A: Yes you can! Here is a link to order car magnets- 

Q: I need help! How do I get in touch with you?
A: No matter what the issue may be, our customer service team is always happy to help you! If you are having trouble or have any questions, you can email us or live chat with our customer service team anytime throughout the week during our business hours.

Q: What’s the largest size I can order my car decal at?
A: With our editor, the largest size is approximately 7”x11”. If you need larger, contact [email protected] 

Q: Can I order static clings instead of stickers for my car?
A: Of course! To order static clings click here-

Q: I want to use the same artwork for my car stickers with other products. Do I have to recreate my artwork every time?
A: You do not! Once your first set of stickers is ready to go in your cart, click on the "duplicate" button. It will take you back to the editor where all you'll have to do is adjust to new material and keep adding to your cart as you please. Need help? Contact [email protected]

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