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At Murmur we elevate and empower brands that share our passion for equity, equality, and sustainability. Our approach involves distinguishing, defining, and creating what is unique and valuable about your organization.

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幸运飞彩票开奖app-Florida Crystals

The Fanjul family milled their first sugarcane in 1850. In the years since they’ve made it their mission to grow high-quality, sustainable sugarcane. Today, Florida Crystals takes full control of its entire production process to create "100% American-grown organic sugar."

We set out to highlight Florida Crystals’ unique differentiators with compelling branding, copy, and packaging design.

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Pipcorn Snacks

Founded in 2012 as a family company, Pipcorn is a women and minority-owned business that took off with a revolutionary product.

We created standout packaging, a refreshed logo, and a whimsical website that immerses users in the Pipcorn world through illustration, animation, and lifestyle photography.

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Hillsboro Aviation Web Design

幸运飞飞艇官网开奖历史记录_开奖结果APP查询 Hillsboro Aviation

Founded in 1980 Hillsboro Aviation provides a number of aviation services including aircraft sales, contract & charter, maintenance, parts sales, and more.

The Hillsboro Aviation website spans hundreds of pages and required astute and careful planning and strategy. We worked closely with Hillsboro to understand their diverse customers and developed user-flows to ensure visitors were able to quickly access the information they needed.

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Kurisu International

Founded by Hoichi Kurisu, Kurisu LLC has been creating gardens since 1972. Their gardens have served as unique landscapes for health facilities, public parks, private residences, and more.

In order to heavily feature Kurisu’s beautiful gardens and their stunning photographs, we designed a minimalist website that fostered an immersive experience. From the homepage video to the custom design flourishes, each element of the site is meant to convey a sense of flow and create a reflective user experience.

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Som is a unique mixer created by Pok Pok founder, Andy Ricker. They needed branding that communicated their category-bending taste and sense of adventure. This meant delving into market research, competitor analysis, and interviews, and using our discoveries to inspire an unforgettable design.

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The Old Spaghetti Factory

The Old Spaghetti Factory has been proudly serving their famously delicious 3 course meals since 1969.

Our challenge was bringing the uniquely memorable experience of being in The Old Spaghetti Factory online.

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